2019 CitySwivel Launch Party!

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

+ 4 day Block Party beginning february 13

@ plaza cafe southside // 6:30 pm - 8:00pm

Honestly. I don't know what took us so long to finally host a launch event. Well...yes I do...we gave ourselves 6 months for our beta phase because we had to test & trouble shoot so much of the system. At the same time, we were earnestly promoting CitySwivel to visitors (short term but mostly long term) to get unbiased feedback on the app's functionality. The primary source of feedback has come from our invaluable contacts at Santa Fe resorts, hotels & visitor's centers.

"Everyone I talked to said they enjoyed using CitySwivel because they easily found our night life scene, which can prove to be elusive for many visitors." That was the most common response we received today, as Ralph & I were out doing our regular follow up round with hotels.

The direct enduser feedback we hear is usually the same as above, but second to that, so many people have been pleasantly surprised by the unique petroglyph tour, created by ecosystem partner Robin Finlayson, owner of Sock Magic. Our "near me" feature is also a favorite of our user base...which has helped many of them discover (and fall in love with) Kaune's.

But I digress. The point is...we are launching 2019 with a big promise to Santa Fe. Doing a high-tech launch party at Plaza Cafe Southside may seem like an odd mix, but our primary challenge was to deliver superior technology in a way that would not distract from the actual experiences & locations we feature on CitySwivel. Plaza Cafe is the perfect example. There's so much more of Santa Fe's true local charm, beyond the downtown area. And that is the Santa Fe everyone is discovering on CItySwivel.

We promise CitySwivel will unite us in a way that reflects what the Santa Fe business community has understood for decades...the time honored method of promotion in our town is collaboration & word of mouth.

That's what CitySwivel is too!

Come see for yourself! Join us February 13, Plaza Cafe Southside. 6:30pm. We're doing a cool multi-media presentation, cash bar & Key to the City discounts on food & bar menus! Plus a bunch of other cool stuff that I can't talk about yet!

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Details about the 4 day Block Party coming very, very, very soon!

read official press release

Until that time,

Daniel Link President & Creative Director

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