Bandelier National Monument & Santa Fe Bagels

French Bakery for fuel, Ancestral Pueblo dwellings for the day

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Boultawn’s is both a bakery and a cafe, with a full suite of breakfast foods ready at 7 a.m. You can get yourself a breakfast burrito, breakfast sandwich or a Nutella and strawberry crepe or a Santa Fe bagel before you head to Bandelier.

Next, drive out to Bandelier National Monument & ruins... best known for mesas, sheer-walled canyons, and the Ancestral Pueblo dwellings found among them, Bandelier also includes over 23,000 acres of designated Wilderness. It was named for Adolph Bandelier, a 19th-century anthropologist. Proclaimed on February 11, 1916. Acreage: 32,737, all federal. Wilderness area: 23,267

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Boultawns Bakery and Cafe Bandelier National Monument

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