CitySwivel's nick-of-time arrival in wake of Facebook collapse

Facebook plummets following burst of bad news

  • Facebook shares fell following a New York Times investigation that revealed previously unreported data sharing practices by the company.

  • Through a review of internal documents, the Times found Facebook shared even more data than previously thought with companies it considered "partners."

  • The data reportedly included access to users private messages.


Now's the time

We have built a platform that aligns with paradigm shifts in traditional advertising, local collaboration & high-tech business ethics.

Facebook user numbers are dramatically dropping on a daily basis, especially among Millennials and younger audiences.

The reason? They are smart & understand how their personal data is being manipulated against them by large cooperations, in order to target sophisticated marketing campaigns to their personal feeds as well as the feeds of their friends & families.

The sanctity of YOUR data is our primary commitment at CitySwivel, which is why we have deliberately excluded the ability to register with us using Facebook or Google.

Beyond that, traditional forms of advertising just aren't working anymore. Radio, TV and even Internet promotion tactics are too intrusive & contrived...and are now, in fact, having the reverse effect.

Our solution? CitySwivel is a connection to Santa Fe experiences created by Santa Fe locals. Our endusers control the content they see, based on "Interest Markers" that can be set & changed on the spot.

We are not a social media platform...CitySwivel is about building community in the real world.

Our Events calendar far out-stripes the Facebook model, and is a growing favorite feature among our user base.

We are off to a strong, bold start! And we need your help to keep CitySwivel moving in the right direction for the future.

Please consider contributing to ourGoFundMe campaign!

We've made it easier for your business to join our ecosystem via GoFundMe

Thanks reading! Daniel Link,

President & Creative Director, CitySwivel, LLC

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