Gimme some Candyman

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

by Daniel Link, CEO & Cofounder of CitySwivel

Relationship builders Cindy & Rand Cook

Just two days after moving to Santa Fe, I took my Kurzweil keyboard out of the flight case only to find that something went south during the move from Austin.

No power. No sign of damage. A search online pointed me to The Candyman Strings & Things. A quick call confirmed that I could bring my keyboard in for repairs. So great to hear on my first try.

But I was really blown away when I first walked into the store. Clearly, I was in an Austin/Nashville caliber music retailer. Walls of Fenders, Taylors & displays loaded with pro mics & accessories...isles of tambourines & percussion.

Then, a big warm welcome from Rand Cook. We checked my piano in for repairs, and talked a lot about music in Santa Fe. Naturally, being a working musician, I was more than curious about the scene. The main thing I remember most though, is how comfortable I was there. How familiar Rand and Candyman felt. Only two days after moving to Santa Fe, I really felt at home.

Poster Boyz was formed months later, and The Candyman Strings & Things trusted us with running distribution campaigns for their flagship events, including Summer Rock Camp, and many others...always marveling at the commitment to quality instruments and the unwavering devotion to music education.

But the most striking aspect of Candyman? The mastery of the (unteachable) art of relationship building.

The Candyman Story

"The Candyman has a long and exciting history dating back to 1969. It’s been an epic ride ever since. From the humble beginnings of a small acoustic guitar shop – to a large home theater, electronics, recorded music and musical instrument store – and back to its roots as a musical instruments store (with a few additions including a music education center, repairs and rentals), The Candyman continues to offer an exceptional experience to the Santa Fe community."

I am very happy to name The Candyman Strings & Things as a charter member of the CitySwivel ecosystem.

Peace out,

Daniel Link

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