CitySwivel Santa Fe Activation

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Dear friends,

Daniel Link here, President & Creative Director of CitySwivel.  After nearly 3 years of hard work & unwavering dedication, we have successfully launched our new, unique platform in Santa Fe!  

CitySwivel's beta launch rolled out last summer, with the faith & support of our EcoSystem Launch Partners including

The Lensic Performing Arts Center The Candyman Strings & Things Mellow Velo Ojo Optique Joe's Dining Objects of Art Shows Santa Fe Currents New Media

Since June of 2018, we have secured hundreds of active users, who have downloaded the CitySwivel app & love the experiences & features of our unique platform!

What is City Swivel? CitySwivel allows people to discover everything that is great about the city they're in by combining tour itineraries, events & citywide rewards in a unified,  well curated environment.

CitySwivel offers a personal view of the city from the people who love it & live there.


CitySwivel delivers Self-guided tour itineraries based on interests including historical sites, cultural experiences, the best of local shopping, hike & bike adventures, food & beverage recommendations, and inspiring day trips to our state & national parks & landmarks.

Our state-of-the-art Events Calendar makes it easy for people to plan their Santa Fe trip in advance.  People can search events within a set date range,  save the event to their personal calendar, buy their tickets & navigate to the event venue, all within the CitySwivel app.

Our built-in rewards program, called Keys to the City, brings citywide discounts & special offers all under one roof...eliminating the need to download multiple apps at various locations, or collecting a huge stack of "rewards" punch cards & paper coupons.  

Our "Near Me" Business Search Feature allows people to find what they're looking for within a set geo-location metric.  Example: Anyone can find a cool local restaurant within a mile of where they are simply by selecting "food & beverage" from the settings tab, and narrowing the search distance to "1 mile."

For local businesses & non-profits, the platform exists for them.

Watch this video to see how CitySwivel is leading the way into a paradigm shift in advertising

Top Features for local businesses & non-profits

No reviews or star ratings. Bad reviews critically impact rankings in Google and that "comment" never disappears, so we've eliminated public facing reviews & star ratings all together!

Analytics businesses want, value they see.  Businesses can see actual foot traffic & where that traffic is coming from within the CitySwivel ecosystem.  Track the "Key to the City" rewards program activity as well as all event data.

Local economic development.  Designed to support the local economy by bringing the best local merchants, entertainment & non-profits together through collaboration on CitySwivel.

It's important to note that we are committed to delivering experiences & events that focus on social impact.  Our ecosystem Story Keepers Quinn Fontaine & Mary Maurice will contribute events & tour experiences that speak to and offer support for suicide prevention & transgender issues. 

Now that we're off the ground, we are asking you for some help to keep this remarkable movement going here in Santa Fe & Taos.

Your gift will help us to meet salaries, get the word out, and implement future updates to the app, including adding audio prompts to our navigation system (already in testing phase!)

If you own a local business in the Santa Fe, Taos or Albuquerque areas, we'd love your help!  By contributing to our campaign, we will demonstrate to you the power of our platform. 

Here's what we will give you in exchange for a contribution:


$100 - $249  1. Tickets for two to a Lensic Presents National Theater Live in HD Event  (only 4 sets available) 2. Create a Santa Fe Tour experience and we will publish it on CitySwivel and credit you!

$250.00-$449 Single Event listing on CitySwivel plus create 1 tour experience for CitySwivel.

$500 - $1,999 6 Month Ultimate business subscription to CitySwivel including event listings, keys to the city  and tour creation.

$2,000 - $5,000 & up Full year Ultimate  business subscription, with price locked in at current rate of $4,000 per year for lifetime. 

Try it for yourself!  The app is free to download, and available on Apple App Store Google Play store

Thank you so much! Daniel

Visit our GoFundMe Campaign to help!

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