Santa Fe Rockers Take Over the Southern US

Local Santa Fe artists Future Scars and Blanchard embarked on nine day tour that encompassed Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. The groups kicked off their run with a local record release show at Meow Wolf for Dylan Blanchard's release of his EP "Ghost of Arroyo Hondo".

I've been a touring musician for almost 10 years now, and this was probably one of the best tours I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Being a musician in Santa Fe, it's always fun to go out on the road and meet so many other fellow New Mexicans or meet bands who love to play in Santa Fe. Santa Fe has this magical energy that draws in artists and musicians from all over the place and it definitely leaves its impact on those who stop by. While cramped in that Chevy van we met so many musicians and artists who spoke highly of this little desert town and we offered them means to come and play here. We had to return the hospitality that was granted to us by all of our hosts and assisting bands!

While catching tree frogs, swimming in brain eating fungus filled lakes, and eating more BBQ than humans should eat, we traveled and played some of the coolest shows. One of the best parts of being an artists is bringing people together to create and collaborate and I think we definitely achieved this on the nine days we all traveled across the southern US. If you want to catch Future Scars, be sure to check us out August 3rd at Meow Wolf with Hop Along!



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