Young Rockers Shred at Candyman this Summer!

The Candyman Strings & Things has been the king of music education for years in Santa Fe. They offer everything from private lessons (on pretty much every instrument), to group classes on the weekends like their Ukulele Club. However, their pinnacle program has to be the Summer Rock Camp.

Consisting of two sessions (June and July) kids of all ages come in and learn how to rock out and work together to put on some serious performances. Fronted by local music hero instructors, this program teaches kids not only how to learn and play challenging songs, but it also puts them in a professional environment where teamwork is key. The June 2018 session was a huge success as

the young musicians rocked out to the sounds of Aha, Bon Jovi, Led Zepplin, and Muse. The July session is under way and will conclude with a performance at the Santa Fe Brewing Company on July 28th. There are no more sessions this summer unfortunately, but the other programs offered through The Candyman are top notch and definitely worth checking out!



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