CitySwivel prime directive

City Swivel, LLC claims non-interference with the cultural, artistic & economic
policies on city and state levels. Our mission is to provide tools that any
community can implement for the preservation and betterment of their unique

Each CitySwivel community is governed by the following Codes of
Honor and is a part of the larger CitySwivel Ecosystem. 

CitySwivel codes of honor

1. The CitySwivel Platform is designed to be completely adaptable to the
city that it operates in. This ensures that every CitySwivel ecosystem will
be tuned to the specific economic and social climate of the community.

2. Each CitySwivel community will have Leadership Partners
who will serve as connectors, coordinators and official representatives.
Each leader must have 5 years experience within the business community.

3. Any business or organization that is added to a CitySwivel Tour is under
no obligation to upgrade to a paid plan, however
must comply with CitySwivel Codes of Honor.

4. Each organization & business in the CitySwivel Ecosystem agrees to
maintain a common goal: to collaborate with each other & support the
local economy thereby providing End Users with a positive, integrity based

5. CitySwivel subscribers are encouraged to network
across the Ecosystem to create a Passport Program. This extends Tour
potential to a city by city, state by state level.

6. CitySwivel will not promote or engage in political or religious extremism.
Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not
limited to sexism, racism, sexual orientation and sexual identity.

7. Abuse of the CitySwivel Platform to monopolize or bully within the
Ecosystem will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate removal.