Ambassador Partner for hospitality, recreation + high volume needs

Hospitality, recreation + high volume needs // $7500 yearly plan

For every yearly referral, earn 5% & receive up to 100% back on your investment!


CitySwivel App premiem presence // 

1 account to manage multiple locations

Business Profile Includes:

Business Image

Interest Markers




Hours of Operation

Average Duration onsite

Price Range


Client Interface //

Pathfinder Dashboard includes:

Ability to Create Tours

Unlimited Tour Inclusions

Create Events (multiple venues)
Direct Buy Ticket Link

Key to the City Rewards & Discounts Program (completely customizable, multiple locations)

Unique QR Code

CitySwivel Download Cards 

On location setup & training 


Additional capibilities can be customized to scale, per consultation & additional costs.  
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Ambassador Partner for hospitality, recreation + high volume needs

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